Efficiency of Your Business

Complex business process automation in no time within our cloud, turnkey

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What we do

For Your Clients

Employee Performance

Business under Control

web applications / portals for your clients to interoperate with your services at any moment from anywhere within our cloud.

web applications for your employees to solve tasks efficiently within a single environment from anywhere, safely.

web applications for you to control and analyze your business in details from anywhere; we reorganize processes and increase efficiency.

How we operate

Describe a Problem
in any form

Our Proposal
in a week

Usable Results
in weeks

Send us a short description of actual problems to be solved or the request for proposal, if you have one.

We can call you and formulate the problem in the dialogue.

You will recieve our proposal with prices and recommended structure of business processes. Pricing is the most objective and open, see the pricing.

Then you either accept our proposal or give us some comments, and we work it over.

Soon we will complete the work and give you the results.

We will provide you with ready-to-use partial results every week strating from the second one.

Our development process is based on metamodel, which improves quality and reduces the time of the project.

Why us

Rapid Results

Predictable Costs

In the Cloud

We know the value of time. We give you ready-to-use partial results since the second week.

The duration of work amounts to weeks when others work months.

We provide you the detailed budget of the project at the start without surprises later on.

We have the open price list, which is based on the structure of business processes, i.e. the actual amount of work.

Our prices are most competitive.

You will not need additional hardware, nor administrators. We deploy all the functionality as SaaS on our hardware, ensure its smooth operation and scalability.

We can also deploy it on your equipment, if necessary.

Ready for Use

For Your Needs

Growth with Business

You tell us about your problems. The rest is our headache: we propose the structure of business processes, develop, deploy and support the system, provide data security.

You get the ready-to-use results, inculding business analytics.

There is no firms that are the same. We take into account the individual characteristics of your business and turn them into your strengths.

We do not impose the "right" solution. We offer options and do as it will be convenient for you.

We understand that business development never stops. We are able to adapt the solution to a changing environment without interrupting your work.

What are the costs

Estimated development cost for an average system of 50 business functions will be $5000 - $10,000, depending on the complexity of algorithms, reporting and design.

We reccomend you send us the request for proposal, and we return you the work description in the context of your business processes. It will save you time.

Getting to know our price list takes knowing our development process, which is based on the meta-model and is different from the usual. To do this, you should be familiar with our platform through the eyes of a developer.

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